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Resurfacing Baths

Resurfacing Baths and Bath Surface Repairs in Solihull, Coventry & beyond

Resurfacing Baths, Bath Surface Repairs and vitreous re-enamelling in Solihull, Birmingham, Coventry and more

Worldwide Refinishing System

Chip, crack and scratch repairs to all types of baths, basins shower trays, worktop and UPVC windows.

The Worldwide System uses only patented quality coatings, originally developed by NASA. This is a lead-free urethane enamel which is acid resistant and very durable.
Bathroom resurfacing is a permanent solution to worn baths and damaged sanitary ware. The process is carried out to a high quality specification ever mindful of providing excellent customer care.

Our refinishing system is carried out with minimal disruption to the surrounding area, no mess or upheaval, and no need to remove any plumbing, taps or fixtures and fittings.

The surface finish is a high gloss with a deep lustre. We are able to match any colour, or shade of white, to existing sanitary ware to ideal compatibility. Upon completion items are easy to clean and maintain.

Completed baths carry a ten year warranty. With appropriate usage and maintenance there is no reason for the surface not to last indefinitely. Our process does require access to mains electricity and running water.

Brief overview of process from Alscot Bathrooms

The bathroom is completely sealed off an extraction unit is used as appropriate. All fixtures, mirrors and other surfaces are fully masked off and protected.

The glaze of the original enamel is removed and any chips in the surface repaired. This is then coated with a bonding agent followed by several applicants of Worldwide classic coating to result in an unbeatable quality finish. The work undertaking is typically completed over a day, and a subsequent curing period of 48 hours is recommended prior to reuse.

Upon completion an anti-slip surface treatment can be applied, if required, as a safety precaution particularly in installations where a bath is also used for showering. This application can also be used for showering trays, floors and swimming pools.
Refinishing System before
Refinishing System after
Brief overview of process
“I would like to say thank you for the renovation of my "tatty" cast iron bath and the bathroom redesign. The bathroom has gone from "shabby" to "chic and elegant". Please accept my gift as a token of my gratitude. You deserve much more.”
- Maureen and Sheridan
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